Isolator Systems

FabOhio can help you solve insurmountable challenges with innovative glovebag systems.

Resolve Key Issues with One Solution: Flexible Containment

Glovebag systems, or flexible containment systems, are a cost-effective means to getting fast results without a large capital investment. FabOhio, Inc. was the first to produce early prototype designs and ultimately production-scale glovebags and other flexible barriers.

Product quality and environmental impact are both subject to regulatory oversight by OSHA, FDA, and EPA, and therefore should be your top concerns. Containing potent compounds and sensitizing materials within a flexible containment boundary resolves key issues for labs and processing facilities.

With proven performance and cost data, our clients recognize the multiple benefits of flexible containment across their entire research, development, and manufacturing operations.

  • Preventing worker exposure
  • Isolating waste streams for environmentally safe disposal
  • Preventing materials migration within manufacturing complexes
  • Preventing cross contamination
  • Maintaining product purity

It’s Containment—Revolutionized

We are the experts in the conceptual design, fabrication and application of glovebags and other flexible barriers and containment systems.

Flexible Isolators

Our flexible isolators, also called glovebags, are ideal for cleaner, more secure labs and containment rooms. Safe, compliant disposable is made simple—Everything but the support frame is incinerated.

Inflatable Frame Isolators

Inflatable frame isolators are ideal as a disposable solution for quick setup and teardown. Safe, compliant disposable is made simple.

Portable Ticket Isolators

Our flexible, portable film isolators allow for easy set up and superior containment on the go.

Continuous Liner Systems

Continuous Liners can be used with dispensing systems to maintain containment while filling multiple drums as well as sampling.

How Are FabOhio’s Containment Solutions Different?

Superior Containment Performance
Effective Radiation Conditioning
Flexible Barrier Installation and Training
Versatile Solutions to Meet Any Challenge
High-Quality Materials of Construction

Custom Glovebag
System Design

Our team regularly addresses and solves otherwise impossible containment challenges with custom glovebag system design, especially for retrofit where space considerations preclude other approaches.

FabOhio, Inc. is proud to be a partner and originator in creating flexible and disposable containment solutions throughout every aspect of research, development and manufacturing.

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