Pilot Plant Containment

The cost of scratch building a contained multi-functional plant for performing development studies has become prohibitive. Our clients have a long history of performing functional retrofit of existing facilities and equipment using our revolutionary containment systems.

Tight Space Enclosure

We understand that in early stages of research and development of a new product funding and space may be tight. FabOhio is experienced in creating containment and isolator systems for immovable equipment within close proximity to create a clean working environment for your team.

Retrofit Solutions

The cost of scratch building a contained pilot plant for performing scale-up studies of highly potent compounds has become prohibitive! Our clients have a long history of performing functional retrofit of existing facilities and equipment. Indeed, this is where FabOhio, Inc. first entered into the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1973 in partnership with one of the largest manufacturing company's at that time. Once proof of performance was established, flexible glovebags and enclosures became the mainstay of the industry.

Multi-Purpose Containment

There is virtually no size limit that applies to flexible enclosures. Existing uses range from small utility to full manufacturing suite assemblies with gowning and decontamination built in. They all have the advantage of being low cost installations which can be assembled and used within hours of receipt. They are also easy to dispose of. Proper planning allows the use of external frame supports which allows for the entire flexible enclosure to be collapsed without dis-assembly, rolled up, and disposed of in a burn drum.

Custom Glovebag
System Design

Our team regularly addresses and solves otherwise impossible containment challenges with custom glovebag system design, especially for retrofit where space considerations preclude other approaches.

FabOhio, Inc. is proud to be a partner and originator in creating flexible and disposable containment solutions throughout every aspect of research, development and manufacturing.

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