The Originators of Flexible and Disposable Containment Systems

We specialize in glovebag systems and flexible isolation systems with established performance and cost savings as a disposable cleaning solution.

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Flexible Containment Solutions for Extreme Conditions

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From highly potent APIs to radioactive nuclear waste, our glovebags and flexible isolation systems are designed to contain even the most volatile of materials.

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Explore the innovative containment and isolation products that we have produced throughout our 58 years in business. Custom isolator systems are our specialty.

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As the Originators of the glovebag, we are the experts in the conceptual design, fabrication, and application of flexible barriers and containment systems.

Reduce Risk and Cost, Improve Performance

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When our flexible barriers are installed correctly, they perform as effectively as a rigid containment system and far better than an airflow barrier system.

Biological efficiency exceeds a kill factor of 106

Containment factor of 1014

Flexible enclosures have achieved better than 0.2 ng/m3 emission levels

We’re Partners in Custom & Compliant Containment

Our clients quickly recognize the multiple benefits of flexible barriers across their entire research, development, and manufacturing operations. Our goal is to save you time and money while improving performance and compliance.

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We’ve deployed flexible isolator solutions to over 25 countries around the globe.

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