Our Process

We’re your partners in custom and compliant containment—from consultation to successful implementation.

Step 1: Consult

Successful containment starts with a thorough consultation with the experts. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation to discuss your compliant laboratory equipment needs, and then we can get to work on creating a custom solution.

Step 2: Design

Materials selection is a vital part of the planning and design process. We take the specifications and requirements gathered in your initial consultation to create a design for your custom containment system. Please note that a design fee will be included in your final quote.

Step 3: Manufacture

Our turnaround time for custom solutions is approximately six to eight weeks to manufacture before your custom product is shipped out to your facility.

All system components are assembled and tested in the United States prior to shipment.

Step 4: Install

Installation of our containment systems is factored into our requirements gathering and design process. We will work with you to discuss design features to properly attach, suspend, frame, enclose, etc. your equipment upon arrival of your custom containment shipment. However, if onsite installation is required, the FabOhio team would be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

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