Utilities Containment

Flexible enclosures make maintenance and cleaning simpler procedures since they can be rapidly fabricated, at low cost, to fit almost any challenge. They provide containment to 0.2 micrograms/cu.m., and better, and they make clean-up a simple process of collapse, remove, and incinerate.

Flexible containment applications for utilities are too numerous to list, but range from small cart mounted glovebags used for in-process instrument performance checks, to flange and valve covers and piping revisions, and even enclosures for changing the cumbersome exhaust filters on dryers.

Accessing & Cleaning Equipment

In-process access is provided using glovebags mounted onto nearby supports or frames, or even using inflatable frame enclosures, e.g. for sampling, rework, additions, extending product batch size, replacing piping skillets, and even cart mounted units for checking pH and other probes during operation.

Maintenance Operations

A feature often lost is the need to conduct extensive clean-up and repair to transportable equipment using overbagging and a flexible retrofitted cleaning room. Such an approach will alleviate quality concerns regarding process cross-contamination. Maintenance shops can be maintained contaminant free by judicious use of many types of mobile flexible enclosures for containing equipment during decontamination and tear-down.

Environmental Protection

All flexible containment applications exhibit environmental control functions, through minimizing cleaning waste and disposal.

Flexible polyurethane enclosures have been used for extended periods outdoors to contain the environmental waste handling in the arbor. All open operations such as screen cleaning, sampling, piping repair, tightening flanges gaskets, etc. can be enclosed individually and mounted on adjacent attachment points. The longest outdoor use of a single enclosure is 18 years without loss of clarity.

Custom Glovebag
System Design

Our team regularly addresses and solves otherwise impossible containment challenges with custom glovebag system design, especially for retrofit where space considerations preclude other approaches.

FabOhio, Inc. is proud to be a partner and originator in creating flexible and disposable containment solutions throughout every aspect of research, development and manufacturing.

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