We’re solving containment challenges in the most volatile and demanding of spaces.

Flexible Containment for Rapidly Evolving Environments

FabOhio is proud to be the originator in creating flexible and disposable containment systems throughout every aspect of research, development, and manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in glovebags and custom flexible isolation systems for manufacturing facilities, pilot plants, labs, and utilities.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

When it comes to retrofitting older manufacturing facilities that lack the advantage of newer leak-tight equipment, our flexible containment systems provide a convenient, cost-effective solution. They can be safely disposed of and replaced many times over with cumulative costs never approaching a fraction of the cost of a brand new facility.

​​Any size of enclosure will be capable of handling High Potency, Biotechnology, and sensitizer products, as well as Nanotechnology manufacturing.


Pilot Plant Containment

The cost of scratch building a contained multi-functional plant for performing development studies has become prohibitive. Our clients have a long history of performing functional retrofit of existing facilities and equipment using our revolutionary containment systems.


Laboratory Containment

Replacing the need for laboratory hoods, and enhancing the performance of both bench and walk-in hoods, are ideal applications for flexible enclosures and glovebags. Cart-mounted isolators add mobility and movement within and between laboratories, in addition to extending the workspace. Such isolators can be designed to dock with similar dock-able equipment extending the useful life of each item without the burden of cleaning and validation.

The mobility also affords a means of safely storing equipment and materials out of the laboratory in a secure custodial storage location until needed for further processing or packaging for release.

In addition, we can provide equipment enclosures with access points to key utilities and functionality, custom designed for each piece of equipment’s unique features.


Utilities Containment

Flexible enclosures make maintenance and cleaning simpler procedures since they can be rapidly fabricated, at low cost, to fit almost any challenge. They provide containment to 0.2 micrograms/cu.m., and better, and they make clean-up a simple process of collapse, remove, and incinerate.

Flexible containment applications for utilities are too numerous to list, but range from small cart mounted glovebags used for in-process instrument performance checks, to flange and valve covers and piping revisions, and even enclosures for changing the cumbersome exhaust filters on dryers.

Custom Glovebag
System Design

Our team regularly addresses and solves otherwise impossible containment challenges with custom glovebag system design, especially for retrofit where space considerations preclude other approaches.

FabOhio, Inc. is proud to be a partner and originator in creating flexible and disposable containment solutions throughout every aspect of research, development and manufacturing.

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