How We Do Business

As the most cost effective provider of flexible containment solutions, FabOhio Inc. takes pride in our customer service. During the 54 years spent assessing processes, and creating flexible barriers, we have learned much from our clients. In solving your problems we:

  1. listen

  2. understand

  3. address quality, exposure, and environmental issues

  4. partner with you

  5. provide successful outcomes

We strive to provide you with the most user friendly, least complex, and cost effective barrier technology available today.

Our price quotes always provide the best price up front.

Many of our clients find it convenient to order without going to the effort of creating purchase orders.

We hold your work in confidence.

Best Price Up Front

As the foremost provider of flexible isolation solutions we are acutely aware of the financial constraints on all technology industries. We conserve costs by referring to our existing solutions wherever possible. It is less costly to modify an existing solution than to have our clients pay development costs.

Every quote we provide is an open statement of our best price with no hidden costs. Our prices are so low that most purchasing departments do not require a Purchase Order. The majority of our clients place orders using Company Credit Cards.

Our terms are net 30 days.

Shipping On Time

Production is scheduled and a shipping date established as soon as we receive order confirmation in the form of a P.O. or a credit card. Product shipments leave our doors on time with the included certifications requested by the client at the time of placing the order.

Customer Design Cost Up Front

When clients request technical support in designing, installing, or training for flexible isolators, FabOhio Inc. presents an up front cost proposal with no hidden costs. Excluding changes requested after finalization, we adhere to our proposal. When you approve a final containment design, or re-order, your flexible isolator will be manufactured and shipped to your order. The containment design will be exclusive to your needs.

We hold your designs in confidence.

A generic glovebag design for a multi-purpose enclosure is shown below. The multiple chambers allow for flexibility in materials staging within separate enclosure zones. This also provides the advantage of allowing the user to select the number of physical airlocks placed between the processing step and the outside environment, i.e. selecting the degree of containment desired.

Typical applications for this generic design are:

  1. laboratory or materials handling such as sample preparation, weighing and dispensing, sample storage

  2. instrument testing and installation, e.g. pH probe calibration both remote and on-line

  3. small equipment tear down and inspection, e.g. valves and seals

Deal Directly With FabOhio Inc.

FabOhio Inc. deals directly with clients. No pressure sales. No salesmen. No middle men. Our containment products speak for themselves with satisfied repeat customers.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Ohio and is frequently inspected by client Quality Organizations.

Our Technical Representatives service clients world wide.

We have established strong partnerships with select raw material and service providers ensuring that our flexible isolator products and services are traceable to the source.


Product quality is paramount. We recognize that containment is an integral part of both your quality and worker protection programs.

All manufactured goods are tested to the most stringent standards, exceeding those established by The American Glovebox Society. Cited containment performance data exceeds the criteria established by existing public domain protocols and was established by independent testing.

FabOhio Inc. welcomes client representatives.

Your Expectation

An economical containment solution to cure your problem, that when properly installed and used will result in the containment performance demonstrated by our existing clients. When provided with an initial full disclosure of use conditions and stressors, e.g. a Risk-MaPP assessment, our isolators will satisfy the demands of Quality, Occupational Health, and Environmental professionals when installed, used, removed, and destroyed in the correct manner.

Where flexible barriers are not appropriate we stand ready to provide alternative solutions.