View the galleries for examples of client solutions. Any size of enclosure will be capable of handling High Potency , Biotechnology, and Allergen Drug product and Nanotechnology manufacturing. Our approach to a process is to solve potential issues with worker exposure, fugitive releases (Quality concerns about cross-contamination), and minimizing environmental impact while providing maintenance access. Tight work-spaces have become our specialty.



Once a finishing process is released from development, it is usually necessary to rapidly implement it in full scale production. Regardless of the age of a facility, achieving contained operations is a challenge due to the nature of the materials handling at every step of manufacture. Instead of purchasing entirely contained equipment which makes access for dosing changes difficult, flexible enclosures form a first line economical solution without the major cleaning costs. Such solutions are light on the pocket - often purchased using a credit card authorization!


Bulk Processing

Excluding new scratch-built high containment facilities, it comes down to retrofit of existing facilities - many dating back to the 1970's without the advantage of newer leak-tight equipment. Handled properly, this exercise can be $millions less costly, with a time delay of mere weeks, and a virtual elimination of equipment re-validation. Furthermore, entire enclosure system(s) can be disposed of and replaced readily many times over with cumulative costs never approaching a fraction of the cost of a new facility. This also eliminates room cleaning costs, decreasing turnaround time.