Kilo-scale Synthetic Route Development

Laboratory Hoods were too small to allow for unloading of a movable filter dryer. A flexible enclosure was created that allowed for removal of product from the dryer, final drying in a vacuum oven, and packaging before removing the product from the enclosure. All equipment exteriors were cleaned in place.

Complete replacement of need for a laboratory hood is achieved using appropriate absorption cartridges to scrub off-gases.

Laboratory Hood Enhancement

Replacing the need for laboratory hoods, and enhancing the performance of both bench and walk-in hoods, are ideal applications for flexible enclosures and glovebags. Cart mounted glovebags add mobility and movement within and between laboratories, in addition to extending the workspace. Since flexible enclosures are clean upon arrival, no cleaning and validation is necessary. Many off-gases can be scrubbed using appropriate absorption cartridges.

Equipment Enclosures

Laboratory equipment arrives in random sizes, with each piece having its own unique set of utilities, e.g. electrical power, cooling water, airflow, computer hook-up cables, etc. All of these are delivered through sealed pass-throughs. Enclosures can also be mounted to rigid door frames for access. Room lighting provides visibility. Internal temperatures can be tolerated up to 180F continuous and 200F transient. Many off-gases can be scrubbed using appropriate absorption cartridges.