FabOhio The First…

FabOhio Inc. opened for business in 1963 and continues to operate at the same facility in Uhrichsville, Ohio today. The core business is the same as when we started up – engineering flexible synthetic films for use as barrier isolation in many forms and applications.

With over 54 years of experience we can reasonably claim to be foremost experts in conceptual design, fabrication, and application of flexible barriers for a wide range of needs.

A potential client approached us in 1993 with a revolutionary proposal. Flexible barriers had made little impact in the glass and polished steel world of Pharmaceuticals, and certainly not in the processing side of the business.

FabOhio, Inc. provided early prototype designs and ultimately production scale glovebags and other barriers. With performance and cost data, management recognized the multiple benefits of flexible barriers across their entire research, development, and manufacturing operations.

Since that early partnership, our staff has addressed many otherwise impossible challenges , especially for retrofit where space considerations preclude other approaches. As a result, they have accumulated over 60 man years of dedicated support to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

FabOhio, Inc. is proud to be a partner and the pioneer in solving containment issues throughout every aspect of research, development, and manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry.