Small Inflatable

Delivered flat. Frame opened using air pressure. Ideal for containment outside a hood. Mobile when mounted on a cart.

Available in multiple sizes and configurations Add airlocks, pass-throughs, multiple filtered air vents. Several support methods available.

Circular Glovebag

Optimum accessibility. Easily installed in areas having low headroom or space. Maximum number of glovesleeves can be installed

Tall Glovebag

Glovebags up to 4 feet high are self-supporting. Incremental heights additions using extended air bladder system. Similarly for horizontal glove bags. Inflation and deflation by bladder air pressure adjustment. Light weight.

Process Packaging

Several diameter continuous liners are available. Shown is a 14" diameter mounted on a display stand. The length is 100 feet, but 150 fet length is readily available.